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Smart Class

With smart class , our teacher will be able to complement their traditional methods of teaching , on almost aall school subject with well researched, mapped-to-curriculum digital lessons (animation,graphics,audio and video) on an everyday basics during their teaching periods.We are confident that this would lead to a whole new learning experience for your wards. A roused interest levels ,sharper understanding of abstract and academic performance. Smart class would also boost our teachers productivity immensely and leave them with enough time for revision and quicker assessment of your ward's comprehension and progress in every subject.

Computer Labs

Computer science is a compulsory subject in the school and computer labs offer a lot of scope for all children to acquire hands -on training. Children are introduced to computers right from Nursery . The computer labs also facilitate senior students to acquire programming skills.The school has a wide collection of interesting and educational CDs on a variety of subjects.

Transport Facility

To ensure safety & security of our students M.D.V.M. has its own fleets running .The student can avail this facility fro the school at an additional cost.

Science Labs

Our science labs will be a wonderful place for children to nature their inquisitiveness and enhance their scientific quests . The separate Physics, Chemistry and Biology Labs offer a conducive teaching learning experience for student of all classes ."Leaning by doing" is the mantra on which these labs function

Music And Dance

Performing Arts are given a special place at M.D.V.M. Our students are natured with a vision of a compulsory music educations for one and all.Every student finds expression to his or her rhythm and thereafter ,hones these talents. From contemporary to classic al, Apsians are exposed to all forms of art, so that they find their own note in life The school offer training in the following musical instruments:-
Students of the School are also taught:
Folk dance
Western dances